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April 2004

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I'll Raise You A Thousands Zombies
Article by GiGi Malone

I'm in love again. Very much in love and I daydream about my love all the time. I want to see my love over and over again.... but unfortunately my new love costs money. No not a male prostitute but a new movie: Dawn of the Dead. I think it should be nominated for an Oscar for best film ever!!! Oh wait, never mind that's Star Wars. But okay best movie this year-so far. And I am not a student of films, I can't discuss the value of things but I know what I like and that is all I am going to discuss.

I have noticed that this year seems to be the year of resurrection. Luckily some of the good kind as well. Looking at the films that are now out, have recently been out or coming out I am seeing a reoccurring theme. The walking dead. From religious films to campy horror films. We won't talk about that other movie with only 1 person raised from the dead. Much better if it is 2 or 3 or a couple of million and about 100 times more killing. Heck, death and mayhem is always good in a movie and the more the merrier. The dead are back and at full force. They come in the form of demon dogs to Max Headrom to an actor who thinks he is god.

But what is it about Dawn of the Dead that makes the movie better then other raised from the dead films lately. Personally, I haven't had as much fun watching a dead man on screen since Gary Oldman as Dracula. Could it be the music where you get an acoustic version of Down with the Sickness [by Richard Cheese] or Johnny Cash playing in the background. Or the first zombie you see is a little girl who bites the neck of a man who proceeds to attack his wife and chase her down the street or the picking off of famous look-a likes. Or showing how stupid some people are or how hot a geeky guy from the beginning of the film looks in jeans and a gun in his hands. Who knows why? Who really cares? I just love this movie.

I did a search on Yahoo! for zombies as well as and found a large variety of results. From parody to and actually quite an interesting place to look at. But I am going to recommend a book that I have heard spoke between some people I know "Zombies Survivor Guide". After watching Dawn of the Dead I know I am going to have to read this book. I don't want to be the woman on the back of the bus being eaten by zombies-it looked like it hurt-or the woman being wheeled into the mall in a wagon. I want to know what is coming after me when I see it. I don't want to have to wait until its too late to figure out that my husband is going to try and eat my brains either.

So, do I recommend Dawn of the Dead? Yes, I guess I do. I feel it is a must see for all. But if you do go see it stay for the credits. Do not get up and leave as soon as they start.

That's it. It was a sucky article but what do you expect for an article written before I go bowling. Oh yeah and before I leave, boobies. Bam!!! boobies, wanka wanka, things exploding, and naked women. Now I am done.

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