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April 2004


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What the hell is this all about?!?

A good question what is Modern Stud all about well Neb and Lor work a copy shop Printies where they comment on life and all of its querkyness (look I made up a word). Printies is also where the Neb and Lor with the help of their friend produce the underground magazine or zine for short. Neb and Lor also hang out at the the Local Pizza Place Goblin Pizza where their two friends Bo and Chiz work... Then there is Omar who knows where he comes form or what he does... but he is there any way.

Name: Bo
Alias: “Boses”
Age: ??
Occupation: Writer, "Safty" Driver at Goblin Pizza
He's angry that he's the shortest goblin ever know, which isn't all that impressive seeing as he and Chiz are the only goblins known but he's short and angry about it... Which makes him great for the editorial articles in Modern Stud Magazine.
“I am the Boses

Name: Chiz
Alias: “Chizy-poof”
Age: ??
Occupation: Writer, "Safty" Driver at Goblin Pizza
Coupled with his strange brand of humor, he is a perfect addition to the Modern Stud Staff. Also he is the tallest goblin That any one has ever known towering in at about 6'6". Which isn't all that impressive since we only know two goblins, so in other words he's taller that Bo
"I will not use a cantaloupe as a fake human head. They look nothing a like. I don't care if they do taste the same. I will not sacrifice my vision."

Name: Lorithavon
Alias: “Lor”
Age: 26
Occupation: Print-Monkey, Writer, Webmaster
The computer god at Printies he does all the computer work at the copy shop, when there is some but mostly he is a copy machine jockey. He also creates all the designs and layouts for Modern Stud Magazine. We're not really sure what is up with that red spot on his head, some say that is a remainder of some failed magical experiment. But dammed if I know
“...In my pants.”

Name: Neb
Alias: -Neb!
Age: 27
Occupation: Staff Artist, Writer, Aspiring Drunk
The Artist at Printies . We're not really sure why a copy shop really needs an artist, but Printies has one and Neb is it. He works there with Lor where they comment on life, computer games, moves among other things. Neb is also the head artist on the zine Modern Stud Magazine. Not to mention one of the head reporters. But I did mention it... oh well
“Each of us has a spark of life inside us, and our highest endeavor out to be to set off that spark in one another.”

-Kenny Ausubel

Name: Omar
Alias: “Ouch-Mar”
Age: 30
Occupation: Manager at RL PaintBall
Omar supplies the group with all of their paintball needs. Contributes to modern stud magazine. Omar got the alias Ouch-mar, because of his tendency to hurt himself.Also every one needs a token Brotha' and Omar is happy to be Modern Stud's Brother
Quote: “I'm half ninja... on my mother's side”

Name: Stanley Manly
Alias: Stan “The Man” Manly
Age: 48
Occupation: Sage, Philosopher, Wise Man, Prophet
Backstory: ???
Quote: “The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance -- it is the illusion of knowledge.”

-Daniel Boorstin

Where Bo and Chiz work. Oddly enough It was called Goblin Pizza before they ever started working there. Apparently The whole Idea behind goblin pizza is that they specialize in delivering pizza to Role Playing groups. All of their pizzas are delivered by what they call a delivery nymph – which is for the lack of a better word is a really hot chick. And since most role playing groups consist of male, well nerds, that don't get much chance to look at hot chicks. So they do a pretty good business. And don't forget to pick up your very own Goblin Pizza T-shirt. And other Goblin Pizza Merchandise.

This is where all the magic happens, so to speak this is where Neb and Lor work. This is also where they along with the help of their friends they create Modern Stud Magazine and any thing else they can get away with when the bosses aren't looking.

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